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0121 749 1493 janetclaridge@travelcentres.co.uk

Travel Insurance

Going on holiday without travel insurance is a high risk and reminding holidaymakers of this is one of our most important campaigns. Over many years, we have partnered with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to spread the message far and wide as it is one of their single most important concerns.

Travelling without insurance puts people at risk of paying substantial medical expenses if they fall ill or hurt themselves abroad. Even worse and in many cases, some hospitals may refuse to treat patients if they do not have holiday insurance or sufficient funds to cover their treatment.

Whilst you hopefully won’t have to make a claim, travel insurance is there to protect you in the event that something goes wrong – it will protect you from medical costs should you need to visit a doctor abroad, if your flights are cancelled or delayed and it can provide some compensation if your possessions are stolen.

ABTA has guidance on what your travel insurance policy should cover and what to look out for when buying a new policy. Information is also given on specialist areas such as medical travel insurance, skiing, backpacking and cruising and if you have accessibility needs.

Please find more by visiting the ABTA website HERE